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How to: Build the Perfect Gallery Wall

Posted on May 12 2020

We all ache for that perfectly balanced, eye catching gallery wall that shows off our personal and artistic treasures and starts conversations. After having gone about creating my "palace" gallery in all the wrong ways (read: wasted half a day and half a jar of spackle), I have a few tidbits to share:

1) I love having a mix of finishes, mat and opening styles, orientations, sizes, photographs, and artwork. My favorite frames are actually from Michael's. Their prices can't be beat and they offer coupons throughout the year. If you're covering a large wall, costs add up very quickly! I will caution that they do not use glass that provides protection from the sun, so it's best to use these in an area that doesn't get direct sunlight. I have linked my favorite frames that Amazon has to offer here. Pottery Barn also has several fabulous gallery-in-a-box options that even come with hanging templates! I have linked my favorite frames here. Speaking of templates... 

2) Templates are your friend! In my humble opinion, it's the easiest way to plan out your space with the least amount of collateral damage. With templates, one uses tape to secure each sheet in the desired location on your wall. You're able to align everything just so, checking to be sure that everything is level, properly spaced out, and looking good on the wall! You can create your own by tracing your frames on paper and cutting them out, or purchase a template. Studio Decor has templates available for purchase if you use their frames. According to one of their reviews, you may need to double check their nail holes. I haven't used it personally, but in hindsight, I'm wishing I had!


3) Alternatively, you could spread your frames on the floor, using your wall space as a reference!

4) Gotta find the sweet spot! It is best to center your gallery at eye level, approximately 60 inches from the floor. My preferred distance between frames is 2" but it's all a matter of preference! Pottery Barn suggests between 2" and 5". 

If you have any favorite methods or products, drop me a note in the comments section! I always love to talk shop ;)


Princess Kate



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