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  • How To: Spooky Thrift Store Painting

    Sep 05 2023

    I've followed this trend around Instagram and have absolutely loved seeing old, cast aside art prints be given new life! Even the earlie...

  • Barbie Box Tutorial

    Jul 26 2023

    The internet has exploded with life sized Barbie boxes for purchase, and while I love the look of these, I am too cheap and stubborn to...

  • Barbie Party Inspo

    Jul 25 2023

    An update for my fellow Barbie girls :) My daughter naturally requested a similar soiree for her ninth birthday! Local baker, Leslie Krue...

  • Please Try This At Home: Bunny Brunch

    Mar 21 2023

    Brunch, bunnies, buddies, and bubbly - that's what dreams are made of! With spring on the way, it felt like a good time to gather a few ...

  • Netflix & Chill pt. 4 - Oh my goodness, how are we still here?!

    Apr 07 2021

    Now that restrictions are loosening and we've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, we aren't spending quite as much time on the co...