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Please Try This At Home: Bunny Brunch

Posted on March 21 2023

Brunch, bunnies, buddies, and bubbly - that's what dreams are made of! With spring on the way, it felt like a good time to gather a few of my local creative friends and craft. The thought of such a special event excites me! Sharing how we put this together so that others may feel inclined to have their own.

Enter Jenny, Christina, and Anne Marie! Jenny and Christina own Brass and Oak, an interior design firm. Anne Marie owns Simply Staged and Styled, offering home staging and interior design services. We've met through both our love for design and our children - they're all the best of friends and in the same grade! This event would be perfect for a group of women or children of nearly any ability level who enjoy expressing their creative side. 

brunch spread, kate, tablescape

To allow plenty of room for painting, we first enjoyed our brunch of fruit salad, granola, yogurt, scrambled eggs, bagels, and a spread of pastries on the prettiest charcuterie tray. We dined with the kiddos before sending them off to play. To shop my full tablescape, click here! Next, we cleared the table and covered it with kraft paper for testing designs and managing mess. Before the event, I created a Pinterest board to help us dream up our plans.

Our subjects were ceramic bunnies from the Target dollar section! They seem to carry some version of these every year, but they sell out quickly, so grab them if you see them! Craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's also carry a similar product. The benefit to using ceramic bunnies and acrylic paint is that if you make a mistake, you can easily rinse with soap and water or scrape it away. I have linked my preferred brushes and paints here
I love that each of our bunnies ended up being totally unique and specific to our own home aesthetics! Open-ended projects are the bee's knees in my book. Overall, we had a lovely morning and even had enough time to let the kiddos paint their bunnies. Want to host a bunny brunch of your own?! Eek, please try it and send me pictures!!
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