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Timeline: I recommend allowing 2-3 weeks to paint and ship. This extra planning sometimes puts us in a pinch for matters that are more pressing! Add a personalized card to your order that can be printed at home or mailed to the recipient. In most cases, I am able to add elements of your design, a photo of the product, or a sketch for that added personal touch. Perfect for last minute gifting or healing a broken heart. 


Care instructions: Please frame your portrait, hang it out of direct sunlight, and avoid moisture.


Framing: All watercolor portraits are painted on high quality 400g paper and can be framed in a standard photo frame. I am unable to offer framing at this time, but have linked my favorite frames on my affiliate site here.


Printing: All of my designs are protected by federal copyright laws, but I am happy to grant rights to print for personal use! I love cheering on my fellow tech savvy DIY'ers! If you're up for playing around with printed goodies or using my works in your blog or website, please add this agreement to your order.