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The Christmas Crafties

Posted on March 14 2020

Hi, Friends!!

I wanted to share this process with you should the crafting cravings strike! I offered these in my shop last year and they were a HIT, bit I'm finding in year two that I don't quite have the time to dedicate to these that I would like. This project would be SO much fun with a group of gals, or cuddled up with your favorite fur baby, hot tottie and Netflix binge. 

To create these, I printed one of my paintings of Norm at about 2x3" on my home printer. The thinner the paper, the better! If you don't have a custom pet painting by yours truly just yet, you could use a high quality photograph. If you use Microsoft Office or Pages, they also have holiday clipart that you can insert for accessories! Here's what else you need:

  • Clear disc ornament (I used the 4in or 100mm size)
  • Mod Podge
  • Flat paint brush
  • White sequins
  • 1/4" ribbon
  • Ornament hooks

Michael's or any of your favorite hobby shops should carry these, and there are usually coupons. If you're the Amazon lovin' type, I've linked products that are similar to the ones I used here. Full disclosure, I get a small commission off of any purchases on this list, but they are legit. So sweet of Amazon to support artists in this way!

Before glueing him down, I held him up to be sure he'd fit. I like to line the top of the design up with the little prongs. 

Next, I gave him a nice little once over with Mod Podge, taking care to spread evenly and avoid any bubbles, bare patches, or globs. The trick is to work VERY quickly, Mod Podge is quick to dry!

To lift him off the table, line up the ornament where you'd like it and gently tap it down. Then, flip it over and gently rub the backside until all is flat, bubbles are gone, every edge is down. If any squishes out the sides, clean it up QUICKLY with a damp q-tip. As I'd mentioned, emphasis on the quickly - Mod Podge dries like a mofo!

Let him dry completely and then fill with sequins! To do this, I created a funnel out of paper and poured the sequins through. If you're just using little bags of sequins, you can alternatively cut one of the corners for a small opening. 

To ensure that your design is resistant to moisture, paint the back of it with Mod Podge to seal. Be careful to hang out of direct sunlight as this will cause fading over time. If for some reason you good up and decide that you'd like to start fresh, you can remove Mod Podge from the ornament by soaking it in water and wiping with a cloth or scraper. It is a resilient, no-nonsense adhesive, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have extra supplies on hand just in case!

...and if you've gotten this far and decided that you're not up to the challenge, take $5 off your order of custom printed ornaments with code JINGLE ;)

Enjoy and send me pictures if you make these, I would LOVE to see your masterpiece!


Princess Kate



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