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Interview with a Dogfluencer - @hueypotatothefrenchie

Posted on April 13 2020

@hueypotatothefrenchie has always had a special place in my heart, winning my very first giveaway as I was just starting out! I fell in love instantly with his dashing physique and witty caption game, not to mention the remarkable resemblance to my Chuy 🥔 With 9.4k followers, it’s pretty clear that I’m not the only one! Huey has partnered with several brands and is a beloved volunteer for SitStayRead, a local organization promoting youth literacy. It’s a joy watching him navigate the adventures of city life and big brotherhood. Here are his mama’s thoughts on running a successful social media presence, finding a balance, and taking the world by storm! 

What initially motivated you to start Huey’s Instagram account? 
I started this account just for fun and as a silly way to share Huey with friends and family. It is a (generally) happy constant in a world when sometimes things aren't rainbows and butterflies. Instagram is a place to be creative, spread kindness, and connect with people. I also use it spread the word about therapy dog work. Huey and I volunteer with SitStayRead.
What do you feel is the best recipe for building an engaged following?  
The "engagement" rules for IG are always changing and I am no expert. There are strategies behind hashtags, comment pods, scheduling post timing, etc. I'm not in it for all that. I think people prefer genuine and relatable content.  
What have been your favorite opportunities that you’ve seized as a result of your pup’s influence? 
It's fun to try new products but I value the relationships I've built with people the most. My favorite time of the year is during the holidays when we receive so many holiday cards from pups all over. It's amazing to see how the love of dogs brings complete strangers together.
Have you had the opportunity to partner with any brands? If so, which, and how did it go? 
We've partnered with several brands over the years but it's never been something we seek out specifically. We are always willing to try out a product and share our experience. Currently, we are ambassadors for Barkdorf & Dogman. They are very generous and do not require too much from ambassadors, which I appreciate. 
If you could go back and fix one mistake you’ve made along the way, what would it be? 
At one point, I got swooped up in the "how do I get more followers" vacuum and it just wasn't worth it. I wasted too much time tagging and hashtagging and worried too much about posting every day. I would have anxiety if I didn't have anything to post. Then, and especially after I had my son, I stopped all that nonsense and reminded myself why I was doing this account in the first place. When I stopped over-analyzing, I realized all that hoopla didn't even have any impact on my follower gain or likes. LOL! 
What have been your greatest frustrations in navigating social media?
As I mentioned earlier, the "rules" change a lot, which can be frustrating. Also, there are often rumors swirling out there about what you can/can't do (I .e. don't share links directly in chats, banned hashtags, etc.). I think it's important to remind yourself why you are using social media and what's the endgame.  


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