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The White Elephant in the Room

Posted on March 14 2020

White elephant exchanges should come naturally to me with my affinity for lowbrow humor, but the stress of securing the perfect representation of my wit and charm truthfully keeps me up at night! I’ve compiled a list of this year’s research in the hopes that it will prove itself useful should you find yourself in a pinch. 

My husband and I have hosted his work Christmas party for the past few years. I’ll be giving From Crook to Cook (comfort recipes by Snoop Dogg) and also bringing the Keto Guido (by Vinny from Jersey Shore) in case anyone forgets theirs. Many of our guests bring gifts that are more on the NSFW side, but I don’t necessarily know everyone well enough to unleash my innermost gross and want to maintain whatever dignity I have left after the outfit mishap of 2017. I also envision this being a highly sought after gift as they have cute covers, they’re useful, and they’d provide an escape to whomever has the misfortune of stumbling upon my husband’s gift 🤦🏽‍♀️

Without further ado, here are a few additional options:

PG 13 & Punny

Potty Humor (never not funny)

Gifts for total degenerates (don't worry, this is a safe space!)

Enjoy and merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!


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