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The Paw Prints Princess

Custom Pet Painting (Bust Style)

$395.00 USD

Treat yo self (or your favorite fur baby mama) to the ultimate statement piece! Custom pet paintings are intended for celebrations of every kind - wedding and baby showers, new homes, new jobs, new pets, or in remembrance of a beloved family member. Complete the look with custom hand lettering, a stylish background, or dapper accessories! In my humble opinion, they’re the world’s most perfect gift - thoughtful, tasteful, goes with everything! Guaranteed to brighten bookshelves, gallery walls, entry tables, desk tops, and bar carts.


The bust style painting includes the head and upper shoulders on cold pressed 140lb watercolor paper. 

Upon ordering, please email 2 to 4 photos to me at If you wish to add your pet's name, please also include their name and desired font number. If you have any preferences on accessories, facial expression, ear positioning, or quirks you’d like me to highlight, please mention this. I will then work up a layout in Photoshop with your selections so that we can visualize how it will come together before painting. 


Have more than one fur baby to celebrate?! I base my pricing for custom pet paintings per individual painting. If you would like to add more pets to one painting, click here to add this upgrade to your cart! I recommend that a painting be 8x10" or larger when painting multiple pets so that I can incorporate as much detail as possible. If you would like each animal on their own separate painting, you must purchase each painting individually. I offer a discount for guests ordering more than one painting at a time, email me for details at 


Click here for FAQ's on care instructions and framing!