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Kasey Bracelet

$32.00 USD

This Kasey bracelet is pawsitively charming - stretchy, flirty, and fun! They make for a lovely pop of color with beads in hot pink, light pink, navy, turquoise, lavender, and red. Hardware available in silver, bronze, and copper. To create this product, I first paint a watercolor portrait of your pet! I then scan it at a high resolution for design, then send a preview for your approval before printing. If I have already painted your pet, you are good to go! Don't have a custom painting yet? Add one to your order: Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete any paintings, and then 1-2 weeks to print and ship your bracelet. Add a bit of extra with fun accessories, bow ties, florals, balls, and glasses! Upgrade your design here: For the ultimate puppy love package, apply your design to more fun products to have around the home!