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Mini Print

$8.00 USD

Tomorrow is my *ahem* twenty something birthday and I've been in the mood to do something special! Can't think of a sweeter way to celebrate than to offer up one of my most prized possessions - this 2x3" mini print pf my Chuy makes my whole heart happy. I've moved him around more times than I can count, love keeping him where I can see him. He looks great on my desk, nightstand, end table, and any shelf I put him on. Helps that he's so stinking adorable ;) These aren't available in my shop because the logistics of putting them together are maddening, so this is the only time you'll be able to snag one this year. 


Choose your own background and I'll put together a preview before sending! If you have any questions or would like to add accessories, email me at  


This unframed art print is free with purchase of $20 or more! No code necessary, simply add it to your cart and the cost will be deducted at checkout. Please note that these are created using watercolor paintings that I scan in, so you must either have a custom painting or choose a pup from one of my Breed Collections above. 


Need a frame?! Here is my favorite little guy, it's on sale at Michael's for $1.47! 


Thanks for helping me celebrate!


Princess Kate